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Our winery is located 5 miles east of Sparks Oklahoma where in the 1900s a French immigrant paved the way to a land of vineyards. Mr. Leon C. Fouquet, an entrepreneur and award-winning fruit grower, farmed a parcel of land northwest of Sparks and had 100 acres of fruit trees and 14 acres of grape vines planted by the 1910s. Mr. Fouquet named his homestead the Dreamland Fruit Farm to celebrate the fulfillment of his American dreams. His work not only embodies genuine pioneer spirit but also bestows a legendary chapter to the history of wine growing in Oklahoma.

Today, after decades of silencing the vines, Oklahoma has rekindled its interest in wine grapes. Many new vineyards have sprung up in the Sparks area since we built our new custom-designed winery in 2000 and conducted our first crush. A boost for the growth of Oklahoma wine industry occurred in the fall of the same year with the passage of SQ688, allowing wineries to wholesale directly to state's liquor stores and restaurants. And 2003 is again a vintage legislative year for us thanks to the passage of HB1107, which permits sales of Oklahoma wines at trade shows and festivals. We hope that you are as excited about this as we are.

You have also seen lots of progress at the winery since our tasting room opened to the public in June 2001: Our wines have won many awards, new 1000-gallon custom-made tanks have been implemented, winery is undergoing expansion, and more acres of vineyards are being planted. We now offer a large selection of fine table wines and gift items. Our tasting room also boasts of a fine art gallery with on-going exhibitions and sales of original art work by renowned Oklahoma artists.

We hope that after surfing through our web site your will be inspired to visit us at the winery. And so many of you do. You have amazed at finding us "in the middle of the boonies" the first time you arrive at the winery. True, you will arrive at the winery only after sailing through several scenic miles of county roads on rolling hills and rustic terrains. True, you can't just pass by us on highways and byways because we are completely hidden from the traffic. But isn't this also true for all great wine countries and isn't the reward worth the journey? We hope that, like thousands of others, you will travel the road off the beaten path and delight in the journey as well as the destination. Come visit us and enjoy a get-away-from-it-all experience. 


A video from OK Travel with Ron Stall interviewing I-Na Chao from year pasted



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351310 East 970 Road

Sparks, Oklahoma 74869





Phone: 1-405-650-0996




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Sparks Vineyard & Winery is open for Annual Events.

Other times please call or text JL at 405-650-0996.

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The world of wine has developed a language of its own to describe the different tastes and varieties. Brush up on your terminology with useful information from your friends at Sparks Vineyard & Winery.

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